Coastal Canine Academy
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Client Testimonials

"The experience was great. Jill has gobs of patience. But most importantly, she understands dogs like nobody I've ever met. Her motto? Train 'em don't blame 'em. Love it! Jill is so passionate about dogs and training them. Her credentials are second to none other. She's been doing it for a very long time. Check out her website and I think you'll agree she's more than qualified to help you get your pooch displaying perfect manners and really listening to you."

- Marcie Jacobs

"Thank you Jill so much for training me, to train my dog. Our home is a much better, quieter, and safer place because of you.  : )  Thanks to you, I am no longer afraid of my dog!"

- Jacqueline L. Todd

"Before Jill came to my house, I had no control what-so-ever of my 3 dogs. They would go nuts when someone would knock on the door, jump on whoever came through the door and keep jumping on them until they left, beg for food and even get in my lap while I was eating, they would scream and cry for my attention if I was having a conversation that didn't include them and they would completely ignore me when i would give the commands such as "sit" "no" "lay down" etc. After even the first session with Jill using her clicker technique, I saw a dramatic improvement in all 3 of the dogs behaviors. I didn't even need to schedule another appointment after the first one because I got such good results, but I do stay in contact with her in case I have any pet questions or emergencies. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a good priced, friendly dog trainer who actually knows what shes doing!"

- Ashley Wolcott

"Wonderful and talented woman. "

- Sue Anderson Neill


"Great. She does great with my dogs. Great learning techniques that are easy to learn and apply at home. She will also come right to my house because my dogs aren't sociable yet; but that is something that she is also helping out with as well. Overall it was easy and carefree. She takes time explaining everything in easy quick ways. It is a great one on one experience, with no distractions. Well worth the price."

- Sheila Dixon


"Coastal Canine is helping us train our crazy dog. Jill is doing wonders with him!"

- Dwayne Thompson


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