Hiring a professional force free trainer can save you time. I find what motivates the dog, without punishment.

Note: This dog was not food motivated.

All classes are reward based and training clickers are provided when needed. Classes are approximately 1 hour each unless otherwise noted. Proof of the following vaccinations is required:

  • Proof of 3 DHLPP vaccinations plus kennel cough (bordatella) vaccination for all dogs

  • Proof of rabies vaccination (unless too young)

  • No prong or choke collars

Note: dogs must be non-aggressive to other people and dogs. If there is an issue with this problem, you will need to schedule a private session.

Pre-registration required and payment must be received before class begins


If you have questions as to which class is best for you and your dog, please contact us at
843-607-7193 or e-mail jill@coastalcanineacademy.com

Private Lesson: ($110 per lesson)

For private lessons, we will drive to your place for an average of $110 per lesson even if you have more than one dog. Discounts may be available for multiple lessons.

Group Sessions:

Limited group sessions to be announced. Registration and payment are required in advance, and minimum class participation must be met before a class is confirmed. If class participation does not meet the minimum requirement, the class may be rescheduled, and/or registration fee(s) will be refunded.