Hiring a professional force free trainer can save you time. I find what motivates the dog, without punishment.

Note: This dog was not food motivated.

All classes are reward based and training clickers are provided when needed. Classes are approximately 1 hour each unless otherwise noted. Proof of the following vaccinations is required:

  • Proof of 3 DHLPP vaccinations plus kennel cough (bordatella) vaccination for all dogs

  • Proof of rabies vaccination (unless too young)

  • No prong or choke collars

Note: dogs must be non-aggressive to other people and dogs. If there is an issue with this problem, you will need to schedule a private session.

Pre-registration required and payment must be received before class begins


If you have questions as to which class is best for you and your dog, please contact us at
843-607-7193 or e-mail [email protected]


Private lessons are offered for one or more dogs. We educate our clients not only on how their dogs can be trained with positive, force-free methods, but also on how to help keep them safe and healthy. We will explain the difference between a dog doing a command and learning. We can hold private sessions at your home or at our facility during the week or on weekends. Many times, within the first session we are able to significantly help the client. The first private session can last at least an hour and a half depending on the client's need. If other sessions are needed, we can decide whether to do private or class sessions.

  • 2-hr initial consult: Starting at $125
  • 3-session pack, starting at $105 per session
  • 5-session pack, starting at$95 per session
  • Payment for the package is collected on the first session


Coastal Canine Academy (CCA) is excited to announce its new venture with Z&E Canine Manners (Z&E).
Effective January 1, 2022, CCA and Z&E have teamed up to offer the Charleston area a broad selection of dog classes and fun activities. The pandemic brought about a rise in new dog owners and previous dog owners who added to their fur families. We are here to help you with your fur babies to make your home life more enjoyable.
Please click below to be redirected to the Z&E website to see a full listing of the classes being offered.

https://www.zecaninemanners.com/group-classes.html Registration is handled on the Z&E Canine Manners Website.


If you don't see a class that fits your needs, click on the button below to fill out a short form explaining your needs.